KBC Tamil KODEESWARI 2019 Audition Online Registration VOOT

KBC Tamil KODEESWARI 2019 Audition Online Registration VOOT 1KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) Tamil version KODEESWARI (KODEESWARAN) 2019 How to Registrar Name: Colors Tamil is excited to bring you KODEESWARI, the world’s biggest game show to be hosted by the legendary Radikaa Sarathkumar. The novelty of this show is that it is an all women KODEESWARI format that is also hosted by a woman. With a prize money of one crore, it is the ultimate test of knowledge and luck , or should we say Lady luck!

The show is open for Tamil language participants and will air. The girls above 18 years are eligible for the KBC Tamil Kodeeswari Registration and auditions. ???????? 27, 2019, ?????? ????????? 18 ???????? ???????? ??????? ????????????????

Question / ??????* No.7
The locks made in which city in Tamil Nadu were awarded a GI-tag in 2019? / 2019 ??? ??????? ????????????? ???? ????????? ??????????? ????????????? ???-???? ??????????????
Options / ????????????*
(1) Madurai / ?????, (2) Dindigul / ???????????
(3) Kancheepuram / ???????????, (4) Tiruchi / ????????

Question / ??????* No.6
In 2019, the Tamil Nadu government announced that Ranipet and Tirupattur districts would be formed by dividing which district? / ???? ???????????? ?????????? ????? ???????????? ??????? ????????????? ??????????? ????????? ????? 2019 ?? ????? ???? ???????????
Options / ????????????*
(1) Chengalpattu / ????????????, (2) Vellore / ??????
(3) Tirunelveli / ????????????, (4) Viluppuram / ???????????

Question / ??????* No.5
What is the popular nickname of playwright, actor and comedian Mohan Rangachari who passed away in June 2019? / ???? 2019 ??? ?????? ???? ?????????? ????????? ????????? ????? ??????????????? ???????? ??????????? ?????
Options / ????????????*
(1) Joke Mohan / ???? ?????, (2) Comedy Mohan / ?????? ?????
(3) Mad Mohan / ???? ?????, (4) Crazy Mohan / ?????? ?????

Question / ??????* No.4
Which actress did Keerthy Suresh portray in the film Nadigaiyar Thilagam? / ???????? ?????? ???????? ???????? ?????? ???? ????????? ????????????? ??????????
Options / ????????????*
(1) Padmini / ???????, (2) Sridevi / ????????
(3) Savitri / ????????, (4) Saroja Devi / ????? ????

Question / ??????*- No.3
In 2019, an idol of which of these deities was taken from a temple tank in Kanchipuram after a gap of forty years? / 2019 ??? ???????, ???? ??????????? ???? ???????????? ???????? ???????????? ??????? ??????? ???? ????????????? ????? ???????????????
Options / ????????????*
(1) Pavadairayan / ???????????, (2) Muniyappan / ??????????
(3) Murugan / ???????, (4)Athi Varadar / ????? ?????

Below given all information for registrar your name for KCB Tamil 2019

(A) Send the correct answer via SMS:
SMS (space)(option – a/b/c/d)(space) send to 509093
SMS charges: Up to Rs. 3/- per SMS

(B) To answer by IVRS:
Option a means 5056882
Option B means 5056882
Option C means 5056882
Option D means 5056882
(Call to the number of)
IVR Charges: Up to Rs. 7/- per minute** (Rate change as per Rules)

(C) Also, you can also register your answer to the website or via VOOT.COM
Data Charges: Standard data charges

KBC Tamil line open & close as per the date & time.

Question No.

Lines Open

Lines Close







8:00:00 PM


7:30:00 PM



8:00:00 PM


7:30:00 PM



8:00:00 PM


7:30:00 PM



8:00:00 PM


7:30:00 PM



8:00:00 PM


7:30:00 PM



8:00:00 PM


7:30:00 PM



8:00:00 PM


7:30:00 PM

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Sources: ColorsTVTamil
Disclaimer: auditiondate.info is not directly or indirectly associated with the show or Channel. We just provide auditions and registration information based on respective sources. “PLEASE DO NOT WRITE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER & EMAIL ID IN THE COMMENT BOX.”


    1. Hi mam i am Anitha Santhosh enaku intha show la oru chance kuduga mam please kastapadura family please help me

  1. ???? ????????? ?????????? ???????????? ?????????? ???? ???? ???? ???? ?????? ????????? ????? ?? ??????????????.????? ?????? ??? ????????? ??????? ???? ?????? ???????? ??????????? ???? ????????? ?????????? ??????? ??? ????????? ????? .. ?????? ??? ?????? ???????

  2. Enakku call vanthuchi mam bt again yentha calling varala bt irunthalum nan kodeeswari sheela kalanthukanum mam yethunala enakku call varala abram nan Yepdi intha sheela kalanthukkurathu mam

      1. Hi Mam I am Sivasubramaniyam R. ( Jamuna Ramesh) my mother want to participants in the Game show. I don’t know how participants help me…My house rework in new library in my town. .. social work in my area..so please help mam..9976438026

  3. Hello mam I got a call on 31/10/19 that I have been selected before 25/11/19 they will call me.yet no calls eagerly waiting mam.pls call me.my name is Rubina Banu

  4. Call panni verification mudinchu call pannuren sonnanga ithuvarai entha response unga kitta irunthu varala , madam question ketta adutha nimidam voot.com vazhi ellathukkim correct answer sollikitten ,enoda kudumbthai kappatta oru nalla medai enakku kidaykum endru ninythen ellam verum kanavu thanks nanga padum kashttathl irunthu oru vimochanam please call pannunga madam please

  5. So what are you going to be with me and I will have the money for the next week or so much taiyuks OK I guess I should have been in my life with me madam bay

  6. ????????? ????????? ??????? ?????. ?????? ????? ?????????????. ???? ???? ?????? ???????.???? ?????? ????? ???? ????????.?????? ??? ???????? ??????. ???? ???? ???????????? ??? ????????????? ???????? ????????? ???????. ?????????? ???? ???????? ?????.

  7. Hi colours TV,I am particpate kodeeswari game show,1 option (b), 2option (b),3option (d),4 option (c),6 option (a),7 option (b ).I am age 23.my father former&painter,my husband auto river,my father credit by some body person,this money value 4laks,my husband daily rent for auto 300 rupees,my dream own house, my baby 2 month ,I lived for rent house.please help me,plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz plz ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????my no 7305833768.thang you mam?.

  8. please mam enagu oru vapu kodunga ennoda life madum alla eruvari life and study ethil adangiyullathu please mam

  9. Please Mam I want to participate in this show I have many problem I even though can’t pay the fees for my child

  10. Srilekha madam please please na already neega ketta questions Kula na SMS Pana by ne cal panala madam eppa call panuviga yena Amma Ku Kinsey problem avagaluku operations pananum please please please please please very poor family help me my number 9840424919

  11. Wanted to participate in KODEESWARI program..please give me further details to participate..I have posted this comment due to my family situation..pls do help us…when the questions will be posted agian and what are all the procedures to participate in KODEESWARI program.

  12. Hii mam. This is Malathi Priya. I need to participate in this program to uplift my family situation…I need help that when the questions will be posted again and how I can join the program ..please give me information..

  13. Yenaku romba naal asai TV show la kalandhukanumnu nanga 5 sisters yenaku yen 3 sister Kum mrg panni vechi veetla oru aan pillaiya erukura yen periya akkavukku mrg panni vaikkanunu asa avanga kalyanathuku yennala panna mudinja udhaviya erukanuso plz yengala Mari pwngalukkum oru chance kudunga yenga appa romba kasta pattu yengala valatharu nanga romba kasta padura family endha chance kudutha kandipa color Chanel ah maraka matom

  14. I am interested to play this game.little money for my family and remaining for deaf and dumb school please give me a call mam.

  15. Hi colors tv ,kodeeswari program participate give me show please mam.enakku oru baby is a son irunganga for nine month aaguthu mam very pover mam . Enakku intha kodeeswari program la kalanthukka aasai paduren mam please

  16. Hiii Mam v2LA romba kastam unga kitta vanthu nanga pottila kalandhu jaichi nanga santhoshama valdrathuku unga kittathan vali irukku please help pannunga mam

  17. Hai mam,,, how are you??? I am sathiya Suresh.. I am live n Chennai… I would like to participate in the game show… Because my sister have some pbm in body…. So pls give me a chance.. To help my sister… My sister scarification her life for me .. pls mam I will help my sister and my husband… My husband encourage my life you will definitely win ? ur life… I am always with you… So give me a chance and I will help my sister and husband……

  18. Hello Mam, i am from kalpattu village, i want to play KODEESWARI Mam. i have a LOT of PROBLEM.Intha show moolama en LIFE la oru Periya CHANGE Nadakkum mam,late ah apply pannathukku SORRY mam.

  19. Hello mam, I am from coimbatore. Nan koodeswari show la participate pananum aasa padra. Enaku appa ila 1 month aachu he passed away en amma ku na vilaiyadi enga amma ooda ella kastathaiyum poganum pathukara tha mam intha game la participate pananum. Sorry mam romba late ah apply panathuku

  20. I need a chance to solve my problem please give a chance I’m a college student 2nd year my family situation is facing many difficulties so i want to improve my life and make my family proud please give me a chance

  21. Hai mam pls Na intha show LA kalanthukanu enga family romba kadan LA iruku sontha vedu jobthi pana poranga loan Kata mudila appa ku nala work Ila pls mam

    1. banumathi
      hai mam naan intha program la kalanthuka virumburen to raise my financial status which is very down now so leade help me iam from coimbatore

  22. Hello Mam,I am from Coimbatore, sivanadha colony. My name is Vijayalakshmi. K. I want to play KODEESWARI Mam. I am having lots of Money problem. I don’t have husband mam. My husband passed out at 2014. I am having two childrens. My daughter is studying college 2nd year mam and my son is studying 11th. Eppo na entha show la velayada ennaku oru chance kedacha en life koncham marum nu na Nambara mam.

  23. Hii Madam,I am sanmuga sundhari.p .I am from tirunelveli. I want to play this game for my two daughters. My husband passed in 2018. My first daughter is studying 10th and my second daughter studying 3rd. Yenaku panam thavai paduthu because Nan yen two daughters yum nalla padika vaikanu nu aasai paduran. Past 6years ah yen husband income ilama Nan romba kasta pattu yen Amma thambi support la thaan nanga valthom. Yen health problem Nala yenala job kubpoga mudiyala I completed B.com but yenala Oru job ku poga mudiyala. Yenaku yen tharaimainala money kadaikanu aasai. So, I choose this game. Please give me a opportunity to participate in this game. Yenala mudijavarai nan ithulam answer panuvan .This is only for my children’s future. Nan namburan neega yena kupuduvingalnu. I trust to win this game. Thank you mam.

  24. Hi mam nan entha show karanam vanthu enaku amma matum than appa ella ammaku katan problem erunthathu athunala enaku marriage pannitanga enaku jewellery ethuvum potamathan enaku marriage ennum aketa jewellery ethuvum Ella nan entha game show varalanu asai paturen mam

  25. Madam i interested in game my future life in game show my family is poor family so pl call me inthe game show my parents in my life pl call me madam.

  26. Nanga 4 pannunga 1 paiyan ennoda appa tailor amma 100 naal velaiku poranga appaku yaru support m kedaiyadhu malai Vandha veetukulla thanni olugum Adhula Naanga ippa varaikkum irukkom appa ku konjam support panni konja appava encourage panni vidanum

  27. Hi mam en name jansirani en baby ku ga intha game vilayada asaipadura en baby nalla padikavaikanum aparam en ammavukm avangaluku na ethum seiyala baby irukurathala ippa ennal job ku poga mudiyala en husband tha family ya pathukurar pls oru vaipu tharungal mam thank you mam…..

  28. Hi Mam, Enakku oru vaippu kodugka en husband business start panna irukaru athukku cash illa avarkku nan help pannanum athunala enakku oru vaippu vendum pls

  29. HI mam.please help panunga.nan 1 month ah nenga kekura question ku voot app la answer pandran but auditions varla mam.vera edhavathu way eruka epdi nan vara mudium

  30. Respected man
    I am DHARSHINI I like to participate in kodeeswari game for my higher studies and for my family. I like to study Btech course in best collage but my family can’t.
    We two are girls children my sister is studying in 8th . My Father running a baji kada we really in trouble. I can’t like make them more trouble. My parent’s buy more money for interest now they can’t able to return we struggle every day but I didn’t know how long we continue this . Every day is a firing us mam. I can’t able to concentrate on my studies too. My dream is being a dream. May this game is give a biggest turning point so please help me to participate in kodesswari
    *the above sentences are true and with very sincerely please consider .
    With confidence

  31. Respected our team of outerwear
    I am fathima from Salem
    I would like to participate the koteeswari game show for my critical situation
    Now I was responsible for my 1 year kid and husband job
    Basically I don’t have a financial and family background
    Actually I don’t have a Android mobile Also so, I face the difficulty for play with boot.
    Currently I have my education and confidance
    I trust you to given a chance for me.
    Thank you

  32. Hi mam i am krishnaveni enga amma hotal velai pakuranga engalu kadan eruku. Engaluku vadai vidu intha show molan enga family kasdatha epadiavathu saripannum pls help me mam

  33. Hello maam iam very intrest kodiswari game show maam pls yenaku periya amout la venam yenakunu amma appa sis bro yarum ella yenaku yella a huspandtha maam avaruku na vilayandu bike vagi gift pananum pls maam help me

  34. Hii mam iam santhiya i would like to participate in kodeeswari program pls give me a chance to play in this program my father is nomore i should run my family now am studying BE i have too complete my course i don’t have sufficient money to complete my course so plsss give me a chance to ply this program so pls help me mam

  35. Mam plss enakkum intha game la oru chance kudunga plsss romba kashda paduren mam intha game enakku oru new life amachu kudukkumnu namburen

  36. Allaroda asayum korikkayum niyayam than mam bt nanum two babys vachittu chinna vayasilayee kashda paduren mam eppo enakku 26 than age bt babys asa patta oru things kooda vangi kudukka mudiyama kashda paduren mam enakku laksham onnum vendam ennoda pillainga asa pattu chinna things vangi kudukkanum avlo thannnn avanga happy nan pakkanum mam avlo thannnnnn

  37. I want to play this game .kuraikal aayerangal irunthalum manathil nambikkai undu oru naal sathippen eantru

  38. we are middle class family we need to pay the money for school and for the father’s medical please help us

  39. chinna vayasula irundhu kasta pattasu indha programme pathona yenakku oru nambikkai radhika amma neenga
    yenna kupuduvinganra nambikkai naa kathirukken.

  40. Mam ennaku love mrg mam family sapto yarum kedayathu mam ennaku 2 papa f/m 3years ;male :9 month aguthu mam romba kasta padara mam enna vittaa enga papaku yarum illa mam please avanga lifeku na etha athu pannanummam nega tha helf pannanum

  41. hi mam, I m mary sharmila enaku ear problem so ear machine vanga Panam illa. so new ear machine vanga money thevaipaduthu. so this game showla naan participate pandren mam. plz help me

  42. Hi mam na R.varalmathi en ponnu eppa 12th padikkira mam avalukku CA PANNANUMNU asai engalukku padikka vaikka mudiyalai amont thevaipadhuthu adharkandi than endha show varom .

  43. Sir please one chance my family my Child everyday problem ? honer two-year ? and three-year baby everyday place one chance my mother problem everyday my father drinking for daily please one chance very useful for my child life and my mother problem

  44. I attended the interview by dec 29th at Chennai. I hope and wish to get selected for ff round. Please let me know the status. People gives importance only to money rather than anything. Even parents and husband as well. Money makes many thing is 100% true

    Hi mam nan en family problem kaha vilaiyada ninaikirane mam en husband Romba kasta paduraru ennala mudincha help intha kodeeswari game moolama seiyanum aasai paduhirane please help pannuga naan daily ungaloodu voot app download panni vilaiyadi varuhirane mam points score pandrane anal ungaluku entha alavu reach ahuthu theriyala mam enaku reply pannuga please naan enna seiyanum

  46. Hi mam i am H.NISHA PARVEEN give me one chance to me cell no.9994027402 I have many problem play this game for help to my husband and my daughter’s studies please help me

  47. Kodishwari show la kalanthukanum.pls give me a one chance madam register lines has been closed. how can we register again

  48. Hi mam! I am Deepana Elayakumar. We are farmer family. Many problems for money mam. Give me a one chance to me mam. It helps to my sons studies mam. Plz plz plz…

  49. Hi mam im vairavi nachiyar …I want to support my mom . Ennoda amma yegalukaga ipo varaikum kastta paduraga na avga kastatha thirkaum un ninaikkura enaku en amma nimathiya irukaum athutha en asa .avga nimathi tha yenaku santhosam .. en asaya full fill panna yenaku help pannuga ??

  50. Hi mam, I’m Kalaivani give me only one chance to play this game for help to my son’s studies . Pls man give me in chance.

  51. Hi,mam
    I am kousalya I would like to participate in this game show because I want to fulfil my house which was half constructed . My mother is handicapped . I have one sibling he was eight years old.We are living with our grandparents. Father and mother was seperated due to personal reason. So, help me to construct my house. please give me chance to participate in kodeeswari on colors tamil.

  52. Mam unga program la ennakku oru chance kodunga please….en life la irrukkiya problems neraiya so please consider pannunga please …..

  53. hai mam i am chandhrika enakku one brother irukkan avanukku two childern first children is physically challenced so avannukku treatment pannanum innam natakka mattan avana sapita mutiyathu 5 years akuthu avanukku
    so please help me madam enga annan romba kastapaturan athan kalanthukkanunnu nikiren

  54. Hai mam, I am Devi from villupuram, unga program la enakkum oru chance kudunga please, enga family romba kastathula eruku, nanum entha Kodeeswari program la participated pannanum pls, help me….

  55. Hello madam,
    Daily I am watching kodeeswari and playing voot app also. Please give a chance to prove myself to my relatives.

  56. Hi mam, I would like to participate in this show to built an house to my mom. It’s my moms dream. But family situation I can’t
    do that so plz give me chance to fullfil my moms dream.

  57. Hai madam l like you are game show my family kodan problem everyday my father drinking for daily so no you’d for mother daily problem ? and my child everyday for house owner problem two-year baby and three-year ? everyday problem no fridam mychildrn life and my mother problem solved for game very useful for two members TIRUPUR shanthrapuarm, sankarnaker.

  58. this is AMSAVENI from dharmapuri, my life is very critical madam, we going slowly death……….may you give me one chance for kodeeswari ,,,,,,,,………… thanks

  59. Ma’am I’m district for nilgiris form ooty. I’m very interesting.becosue my family is very poor family. Plz help me. U have plz help me.

    1. Very helpful for this cheenal. Thanks for the shows. One’s plz help me .my address anbu anna Colony, Lovedale post, Udhagamandalam. 643003.

      1. Please give one chance for me mam. My father is very sad condition in him life.so I try to my best mam.My address Kumar ave lip ala yam,periyamanali post 637410

  60. Hi madam iam devayani ennduya family la na en amma appa appa everyday drinking madam amma everyday problam no brothers ennudaya marriage kaga nan intha gamela vilayadanum asai paduren madam ples give me help me

  61. I am Dharshini.enga Appa romba kastapadaranga.so avangalujlku na help pannanum mam please give me one chance mam.my address Kumar ave lip ala yam, periyamanali post 637410.Appa

  62. Mam naanum kashta padua family mam ein husband sambalathila than family run Pandora ana sambalathila paathi panam vaadagaikku kodukkurom mecham erukkua panathil kuzhandhainga padippu selavu Elham pathama kazan vaangi family run padrom pls enakkum hot seat change kadaicha nalla enakkum pls pls pls mam

    1. Hi medam Good morning ,
      I’m Arunkumar from theni (DT),
      I’m interested on kodeeswari show medam
      I’m interested to participate Medam
      I’m former family medam , please help me to medam

  63. When are you colors giving me one chanes to play kodeeswari lam eagerly waiting for your call the program is very mass

  64. Hai mam iam Valli Nan en kulanthaingalukaga vilayada aasai paduraen it’s a very nice show Nan yarungurathayum ennala mudiumgurathaiyum ellathukum proof panurathukaga vilayada virumburaen

  65. Hi mam I am UmaMaheshwari From Madurai Enakku Amma illa Appa mattomdhan Nanga Former Family
    Ennoda Kolandhainga Education Apporam Ennoda Appavukaga Oru veedu kattanum mam

  66. Madam enga marriage love marriage nanga romba kaista pattu munnuga vanthum en husband bakery master and en husband ennaga envenalum seivaga ennagu kaitamuna ennanu theriyathamathri vaichutaga avaga asai sonthama oru veetu katanum ennagum athan asai madam athan nanum intha show la kalathuganum madam pls madam

  67. Hi madam i am nandhini from kovilpatti ennaga marriage love marriage so enga romba kaistapattu munnugu vanthom en asai sonthama veetu katanum so nanum intha show la kalathuganum madam

  68. Hai mam! Iam Sheela Murugan, enakkum kodeeshwari program la participate pannanum nu romba asai , but how to participate ple reply answer

  69. Hi colors Tamil and Radika Mam. I want to play this kodeeshwari game show Mam. So kindly please give me one opportunity colors Tamil and Radika Mam. I want to play reason for am love marriage Mam.

  70. Hi mam.I am Atchaiyalakshmi Nagaraj I want to play this game.This program used to my new bron baby studies and it was changed my life.plsssssssssss I want to play

  71. Iam working as an assistant professor in engineering college. Teaching is my passion. My aim is to start a school (innovative school and support the needy People

  72. Hi mam i am vaishnavi i want to play kodeeshwari because of my family situation and me and my sisters studies so please give me one chance mam…

  73. Hi mam i am vaishnavi i want to play kodeeshwari because of my family situation and me and my sisters studies so please give me one chance mam

  74. Good morning Madam,l am in Thanjavur,please help me Madam.l am participate,my childrens very rare me growth Madam.

  75. Hai Madam, How are you? I am Maheswari from Coimbatore. i would like to play with you & my family situation (like Loan, Kids Education)

  76. Hai mam l am jeevitha daily l watch kodeeswari playing voot app. Please help me mam my brother financial give me one chance mam please. salem thalaivashal 7502961187

  77. Hai mam.. I am umamaheswari.. Financial i was in backward.. Am graduate…. I have three daughters… If u select me which will helf for my daughters education….

  78. Please enaku oru chance kodunga mam appa accidentla iranthudanfa ammavum thampium rompa kastapaduraga naga 3 ponnuga amma kastapadu kalyanam panni vacaga ipa en thampiku age 19 enga kalyanathuku vanguna kadana adaika mudiyama kastapaduran na avanukaga vilayadanum pls enaku help pannuga mam

  79. Hi mam Myself Preetha Prabhu I want to participate in kodeeshwari program… Pls give chance to me pls mam

  80. Mam…I’m really excited in this program..plss naanum ithula participate pannanum mam..rompa rompa kasta padrom mam enga family..pls support me mam..1 chance kudunga mam pls..

    1. Gnanambigai Ashok,
      Hi mam, have a great day. This is Gnanambigai Ashok from Chennai. Iam very much eager to watch your every episode as there is some benefits done to somebody’s life, that too by our favorite legend to ladies. I wish you to continue your journey here mam to help the needful like us.
      Iam a patient suffering from my childhood has to undergo a surgery. But now it is affecting my marriage life, which makes me to seek for someone’s help.
      I will be lucky if I get it from you soon and continue my life with my husband. My parents were separated during my childhood and I have no one to help me in this situation.
      I thank you for the help you doing for many ladies.

  81. Hai mam i am Suganya. V naan house wife. Engal adamanaththi erukku athai mikkaventum pls kodeeshwari game shovil chance thaga mam…..

  82. Hai mam i am Suganya. V naan house wife. Mam engal house adamanaththi erukku athai mikkaventum pls kodeeshwari game shovil chance thaga mam pls

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