MasterChef Junior India 2 2015 Audition Date and Registration Info

Junior MasterChef Swaad Ke Ustaad is the Indian version of Junior MasterChef. Amul Junior Masterchef Swaad Ke Ustaad showcases cooking talent of children. These kitchen stars will churn out dishes with flamboyance, their plates will be a work.

MasterChef Junior India 2014 Audition

MasterChef Junior India 2 2015 Audition Date and Registration.

Before the new season starts, the Auditions of Masterchef India Season 2 will be held in different cities of the country.

The AUDITION will be held on following cities:-
The venues and dates are not reveled yet. We will update soon.

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    1. pls sir/madam,i rquest you to organize masterch. auditions in pune/mumbai too.plssssssssssssssss sir/madam as i am very interested.

  1. plzzzz let me know when are the auditions of masterchef india’s season4 going to be started?????
    plz mail me when dates and venues are finalized…… thank you…


    1. hello sir i am aliza cooking is my hobby i love cooking then i live house so i cook food and i serve mummy and papa said aliza your cooking is very good sir i am very talented i was to show my talent in junior masterchef india 2015 when date and venues are fanalized call on 9971388778 and 9999196756 sir junior masterchef is coming soon so please inform me about the date& venue of the auditions bye e-mail

  2. sir i am very talented i was to show my talent in junior masterchef india 2014 when date and venues are fanalized call on 9872342555 9915864555 9915960555

  3. I am shubham my sister is interested in cooking so i have seen that junior masterchef is coming soon so please inform me about the date& venue of the auditions by e-mail

  4. Sir plz send date for session 4 i am intereted & talented 7387164424 9822602278 9405466102 9762334142

  5. Sir,
    Please send the date and venue of the auditions on my email or
    by message on +919868240202

  6. Sir pls inform the dates of audition and venue of junior masterchef 2 on this number 9448194385 im very interested

  7. On different websites different details are there. nit able to understand which one is correct. please tell the details to me by sending them on my id as soon as possible.eagerly waiting.

  8. i want to take part n want to be a good chef really im cooking best food everyone jst saying excellant! abt my food………jst i want one chance. sir plzzzz give me one chance.

  9. my daughter is very interested in cooking and talented also . It very helpful if u may keep an audition venue at the extreme south such as Bangalore. Thank you and have nice day
    Yours Sincerely
    Dr. Hemanth

  10. Hello I m Deepak vyas I m frm bharuch (Gujrat) I m very interested in cooking nd talented also….. I m doing hotel management in pacific university udaipur…. Just I want one chance please give me a one chance…. 9099672805 contact plz

  11. I m interested in cooking.I just want a chance to give auditions of junior masterchef plzzzz reply for this comment.this is my last chance

  12. I want to participate in this show. I am 10 yrs. Please also take audiences in chandigarh. I live in Shimla HP. It is nearest place.

  13. Is it going to be held in banglore plz send it to my mail i also want to give audition I live in Bangalore n I am 13 yrs plz

  14. Plz let me know the venue and date and time plzz I love cooking and I don’t want to miss this chance

  15. Pls give the date and the time my child is interested too coock if possible do it in banglA desh

  16. Whenever audition is starts please inform us I am interested for participanting.

    Abhijeet Sandeep Jadhav

  17. jnr.master cheif aditions be held in Delhi or not if yes then pls tellme the date of auditions

  18. I live in Shimla HP. I am 10 yrs. My school has been opened. Please keep auditions dates in May. Because we will be having our summer vacations. I will give auditions in chandigarh. My school’s name is Loreto convent Tara hall. I am in class 5. Please contact me.


  20. My sister is 12 years old pl inform me regarding the dates of audition of JUNIOR MASTERCHEF at HYDERABAD.

  21. sir, i m 13 years old n i want 2 participate in master chef junior…last year due 2 some reasons i was unable 2 participate…so kindly inform me of d auditions..i m from meerut…plz inform me on 8273166355

  22. please dear sir/mam kindly take the auditions in delhi also as i am very interested to participate ………

  23. masterchef india is the world’s best show that i hv ever seen …..
    chef ranvir
    chef vikas
    chef sanjeev sir….are the great person….who are handling this great job of finding india’s best cooking stars…

    thankyou so muchch sirrrr….
    i hope one day i will be the part of this show as a contestent

  24. Hi. My name is Krish Davda and I am from Mumbai. I love cooking and would like to participate in Junior Masterchef 2015. Please do let me know the audition dates and other details.
    Thank you.

  25. Please dearsir/ma’am kindly take auditions in bangalore also I’m very interested too???:::::::::::::::::::::::……:

  26. i m really intrested in cooking. i m 12 years
    old . plz let me know the date of auditions
    and if possible orginze the auditions in may .. plzz

  27. I request you to display the online registration form for junior masterchef season 2. As I’m 12 running, this is my last opportunity to apply for junior masterchef. So I plead you to look forward at my request.

  28. And may I know the process for participating in this contest. My first love is cooking and always will be.

  29. Sir when will audition starts please give me call on 9813755100 and9416114138.i am 11year old

  30. i m really inserted in cooking.. i have financial problems at my home .. i m willing to participate in master chef let me know the dates of auditions

  31. I am interested in being part of (mcji2015) pls tell me the audition dates. .. I am of 12 years…. I am an American – indian chef…
    Born in india spent 10 years in America but on visa so india citizen… (amritsar)

  32. Sir i want to come in master chef junior 2 .sir i request you to send date on 9045578010 or 9457128948 …….

  33. every cities are so far from raipur so lot of children from my state and my neighbour state cant give audition

  34. pls held the audition in chattisgarh raipur also so we can also participate in the masterchef junior audition

  35. I am keshav kapoor live in saharanpur I liike cooking and I want to participate in junior masterchef please give me imformation about audition on this phone no-09045222215 , 08171865082

  36. sir i m from mumbai i want to give auditions for junior masterchef so tell me when are the auditions in mumbai is i cook too good so please call me on 9322708001 for auditions

  37. plz can u extend the age limit i want to participate and i just love to cook i am 14 and my dream is to become a chef and prove my self that i can do something plz

    1. Sir i want to give audition in dehradun so plese tell the audition date for dehradun .mail to this email
      I will thankful to u……

  38. dear sir and madam of master-chef junior ,plz held your auditon in kolkata and plz extend the oledn range to 8-14

  39. Sir I want to give audition in Jaipur so please tell audition date for Jaipur or u can mail to this drem is to become junior master chef 2of India I am living in Gujarat an I want to take my Gujarat at 1st place .plz plz mail date fast so I can start my preparation I am so egur to at master chef junior bye sir.

  40. plz send a mail if there r auditions in lucknow.since i want to participate in junior masterchef….!!!!!!!! plz

  41. Please let me kno about the auditions of master chef junior.
    My kids are really son is 10yrs old and my daughter is 6yrs old

  42. Sir my name is mohit I am so interested in junior masterchef sir I am
    Interested to participate in Junior masterchef India
    Please organize your audition in pune/Mumbai
    Please reply me

    1. Sir my name is mohit I am 12 years old
      I leave in jalgaon I will so interest in participate in masterchef junior india season 2 so please you will tell me where are audition is start and sir
      Request you to audition are organising
      In Mumbai and sir you can please inform me in my number 9922960920/9423905407/9823790590

  43. Sir SANJEV KAPOOR can you organize masterchef auditions in NAGPUR MAHARASHTRA plsssssszzzzzz i want to be a masterchef like sanjev kapoor

  44. Hlo sir my name is mahi dixit from new ( delhi )
    pleas give me one chance plz……….(my….phon no-8506853986)

  45. Sir I want to participate in master chef junior my aim is to become a professional chef please I want to give auditions in Delhi please inform me on my number plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir

  46. I wanted to know the dates and pls can u do the auditions in Agra or New Delhi so it will be easy for me as I am a very good cook

  47. sir i m ashish from bihar i want to say u i want to participate in masterchef junior but i don’t know how to participate in masterchef can u tell me how can i participate!!!

  48. Sir I love cooking I just want one chance plzz inform me the dates and venue in these mobile numbers -9313320799 and 9810598202????????????????????

  49. I m ready to give the audition of amul master chef jr….
    So please tell me the date of audition…
    And please do in NCR area its a request to u..
    Please contact me on this- 8010333991,9716929720,7053376165…….

  50. Sir i am sreeradha from kolkata i want to participate in junior masterchef but i don’t know how to perticipate in masterchef can u plzz tell me how can i participate ….. sir give me a one chance if u kindly concedre me then i am thankful to u

  51. Hye, sir I m neha from jaipur. I want to participate in junior masterchef i want to give auditions in jaipur please inform me on my number 9413023137 plzzzzzzzzzzzzz sir


  52. Dear Sir/Madam,
    I’m 11 years old & I live in Gurgaon. Cooking is my hobby.
    I would like to participate in MS season4.
    Kindly help to inform me on cell no. 9958598815 once dates are finalized.

    Thanks in advance.

  53. Sir/ma’am please could you also inform me when are the dates and venues coming up
    I am eagerly waiting
    and I would also request you to check if there are auditions in kolkata too

  54. cooking is my hobby n i want to participate in this show…plzz inform me when the audition is start ….7618952674

  55. i request that junior master chef 2 auditions should be held in nagpur and this time it shpoul;d be also pure vegetarian !!!!

  56. Hi junior masterchef india pls can u make this season veg because i’m a vegetarian my cousin sister Nikita Gandhi (winner of masterchef) said you also participate junior masterchef

  57. My name :Vijay panday
    Qualification: intermediate
    Address: lalita nagar lakhimpur kheri
    State: kheri u.p. india
    Plz give me one chance plz sir and mam plz plz

  58. My name-prananjay Singh
    My adress-206 office is campis arugin path Vishnu marg vashile anger Jaipur
    Comment – when it well start plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  59. I am interested in participating in junior Masterchef. Can you let me know the dates and venue of auditions. I am 11 year old .

  60. I m interesting in cooking. I want to get the I’m formation about audition….can’t wait more…….

  61. Plezzzzzzzzzz…. I was to to master chef jonier 2015 because I want to be a best chef in India so plezzzzz replay sir/mam plezzzzzzzzzz…….

  62. I want to registered in audition of master chef …
    Plz plz plz plz plz this auditions held in Delhi plz…

  63. Dear sir I want to participate In masterchef …If season 4 Is going 5o come so please inform me Sr ….I don’t know on what level my cooking is ..It is min hobby ..plz information me sir or mam …ThanKing you …plz inform me …and I have a question also that 13 year old boy can also participate or not ? Reply me on

  64. i am very very interested to be the next masterchef.. bcuz i wanna prove that a not only girls can cook, therefore boyz can also cook…

  65. Sir/madam
    Sir I am Gowthami priya sameera I love to a cook and it is my hobby.To make my hobby u dream you have to help me Sir I have seen all the masterchef seasons without missing and imaged my self in that place.Even I though I am the age of 13 I have lots and lots dreams as a chef and I am inspired by Sir,Vikas

  66. Sir my name is Krishna I live in Delhi sir my hobbies cooking food sir I make delicious food sir I want to join masterchef…..plsss 8285773384..thank you..

  67. Sir it is biggest dream sir!always I see the masterchef without fail chooses what to do to get that apron sir pls choose me Sir

  68. Sir iam anish shukla studying in 7th std in mumbai .
    Sir iam intrested in cooking since when i was 8year old it is my hoby but there is a problem that the audition of master chef junior season two is not held i. Mumbai it is my request to held audition in mumbai
    Thank you very much

  69. Dear sir\madam please organize a new season of masterchef ..when it will organized please call me on 9477100180.please organize a audition of masterchef in kolkata I request…

  70. My daughter is keen to participate in master chef junior India, plz let me know the dates and place of audition. We r in Delhi . She has been cooking since she was 9 yrs old , she is almost 12 now.


  72. Sir,
    I love cooking & I am very good at cooking, I am in 9th standard,please let me know the date of audition & venue on 8374921973 /8008787837 .

  73. pls keep the auditions in may and the maximum age shud be 14 pls.pls try to keep the auditions in bhubneshwar

  74. Kab hoga yeh audition.. Please jaldi karo mujhe participate karna hai and I am capable for winning the titles of next master chef and I can prove that

  75. hey I am naman nangia 16 years old and I very excited to be participating in the master chef junior so plz updating and I have to came to show not for the price and not for the publicity I have to come to show my talent

  76. Madam/sir please update information about the dates for auditions and please give information about age also and what is the process and give reply immediately.

  77. Tring from last 14 months on this website but every time soon dates will update … tried of your show business. … pls don’t see this website …. They r getting money from our views… stupid Idoits cheaps

  78. Hello I am saisha plz let me know when is the audition starts I am 9 years old and I love cooking my family appreciate that your cooking is very nice my mobile no is 9811331538

  79. Hello sir, I m rohit and I am 13 years old I m interested in cooking I was waiting for it from long but plz cud u organize it in holidays so it wil be convenient for everyone n plz may u keep the auditions in maharastra so it’ll be convenient for many of us n plz tell me the otherddetails at or msg on 9822215476. Thanks.

  80. hii i am vidushi plz update al the imfomations of masterchef junior auditions. i am 13 years old and cooking is my passion

  81. Dear sir/ma’am
    Please tell when is the junior master chef auditions in Delhi.
    I am intrested to do so.
    Please reply fast.
    I am very excited.

  82. Hello sir I m interested in master chef junior I always wanted to participate in master chef junior as I cook very well u can plzz organize the auditions in Mumbai plz sir plzz I love this show alot plz call me on 9322708001 plzz call for sure I will try my best in auditions plzz call I’ll join it for sure

  83. Hello! I am ayushi and I am living in
    Nagpur and I wanted to ask is an audition for Junior Masterchef in Nagpur if it’s there so please convey me I
    I also want to join and am the big fan of cooking and I wanted to be a chef and if possible so please do the audition in Nagpur also I request you

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