Star Suvarna Super Star Audition Registration | How Submit Online Your Entry?

Star Suvarna Super Star Audition Registration | How Submit Online Your Entry? 1Star Suvarna TV launch branch new gaming reality show Super Star. In the Super Star game television reality show will only feature female contestants. female contestant in the show will have to play various games to win exciting prizes.

How to submit entry through online for Star Suvarna Super Star from home?
Ladies, do your superstar, golden superstar entries open. Click the link below to register your name, Watch this video to register your name, follow simple steps. Start your time now.

How Submit Online Your Entry

Step-1 first enter your name, age, address, phone number
Step 2, you will get OTP. After entering OTP, enter your alternative trust.
Step-3 Enter the job and click on the submit video button to upload a video about yourself.


    1. super star suvarna Chanel chennagi moodi baruthide nanu daily noduthene ….?
      nange super star ? participant madoke thumbane ista ? plz ?

    2. Super star suvarna chenagide nange thumba ista …nanu daily noduthene …. Nanu participant madoke ista so plz ?

  1. I love to participate in this show so plz . Becz in my life I have suferd so many problem so this was my good platfrom to show how we r

  2. Hi this is
    ShruthiHemanth I’m from herohalli cross Bangalore-91
    Plz do select me for tis pgm I’m very interested to participate in this pgm n my hobby s dancing thank u

  3. Nanna hesru suma nanage tumba aase etara shogalalli bhagavahisalu haage shalini avranna nodbeku anta plz salect maadi

  4. Hi Nana hesaru apoorva nanu Nima star suvarna super star nali nanu bagavahiss bekuanta tuba ase hede nanu eruvudu Hassan sm Krishna nagara Hassan tattekere Post Nam maneyali 5jana erodu nanige maduve yagide Nan ganda Bangalore nali work madtare nanu ega Nan appan maneyali edini Nan appana hesaru Mahesh Amma shivakumari Nan tamma bharath nangandan hesaru Praveen Nan abyss kukig madtini nanu house wife nanige ragoli geyala wifit bandide edunan kiru parichaya

  5. ???? ??????, ?????? ????? ??????????? ??????????? ???? ????? ????. ???????? ????? ???? ????, ???? ???? ???? ???? ????? ??? ?????, ????? ??????? ????? ???????, ????? ??????? ?????, ????? ????? ?????????????? ???? ???? ???. ???? ???????? ??? ???????? ?????????????? ???????????.

  6. I’m dakshayini, plsss nanna select maadi naanu suvarna super star alli participate madbeku anta tumba ista ide, please nanna select maadi

  7. I have applied for this program 2 months ago but no response, atleast u should tell us either selected or not and if once ph no is registered again we can’t send video why madam

  8. Hiii mam nan name pooja nange Suvarna super star ge barokke thumbaa istaaa nam adu Halli illi intha program galannu nododu mathra agide allige barbeku naavu tv yalli kanusbeku annoddu thumba asee idee mam ….plzzz mam ond sala Nam anthvrana kariri mam …,nam kadee yaruu tv baroo chance sikilllaa…… Nam uru Mysore distic piriyapattana taluku Baslapura villege … Namdu hunasur pakka iroo uruuu ….plzzzz mam onde ond sala Nam anthevranna kariri mam plzzzz mam

  9. Hello. My wife and I are true fans of your programme suvarna superstar. I want to give a positive reflection regarding the round based on Cinema names. In this round instead of giving lot of clues to the first contestant, it is better to give next chance to second contestant. It will be a true sportsman spirit. Next, while breaking ballon, some contestants are cheating by breaking the ballon by their hands. So, a clean observation is needed. So, an honest contestant can get the chance. I hope you will consider our suggestions. Thank you.

  10. Nanu e program ge apply madi 3 months aythu but nange yavade call badila nange thumbane ashe ithu baroke please call madi

  11. ??? ????? ???????? ?????? ???? ?????? ????? ??? ??????? ???? ???? ???????? ????????? ???? ??????? ??????? ???? ????? ??? ???????? ???? ????? ???? ?????? ??????? ??????

  12. Hi star Suvarna superstar season 2 karykram tumba Channa ge birthday nannaku one chance Kodi please madam Shobha devara Shimoga samaja karykarta social worker please is Shona dodda habimani please request phone madithi er anta khai dene please madam phone Maddy shrimati shobha Devraj Shimoga nanna please madam contact me wait and see

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